Asset protection planning is a process by which one organizes their financial affairs in such a manner as to safeguard assets from the risk of exposure to creditors. The process of asset protection involves transferring the assets from an unprotected form of ownership to a protected form of ownership. The protected form can be one of many asset protection vehicles such as limited partnership, corporations, certain kinds of trusts, limited liability companies and other such entities. Protecting assets can also be a process of transferring them into exempt assets to the extent permitted by the individual states.

Certain creditors are not subject to state exemptions. Some of these examples are federal tax liens, state tax liens, alimony and child support, secured purchase money retailers, and mechanics liens.

A well drafted asset protection plan can go a long way in deterring a creditor. If you can avoid the appearance of being the “deep pocket” then you can frequently be passed over and the creditor will look to someone else. In fact deterrence is a major part of asset protection. In Law Suits, the plaintiff is generally unwilling to mount countless attacks against a defendant who has a well established asset protection plan. Judgment creditors are cost conscious and if the efforts to collect are just too difficult and cost prohibitive then that creditor is likely to settle for far less than the amount of the judgment or move on.

Let the experienced attorneys at Hurtik Law & Associates help guide you to the best strategy for your individual circumstances.

Estate Law

Estate planning helps you manage your assets while you are alive and protects you and your family for the future. Without an Estate Plan you are leaving important decisions to a Probate Court or the State/County and/or Federal Government. Death isn’t a topic that many of us like to think about, however; if you have a spouse, children, grandchildren, or other loved ones that you want taken care of in the event of your death it is a topic that should be discussed. Learn More

Business Law

We are experienced attorneys in business formation, contract negotiations, partnership disputes, corporate dissolutions, breach of contract issues just to name a few. We offer aggressive an competent representation to meet your business needs. Learn More


To incorporate is to establish a business entity. There are many varying forms of business formation which have similar features, and a few with unique features that distinguish them for particular uses. Hurtik Law can help you decide which vehicle is the best choice for your business needs whether it be the establishment of a Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s), A Partnership, S Corporation, C corporation or A Series LLC. Learn More

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